Mar 1, 2023 | Annual Reports, News

We are pleased to release the 2022 Highways and Byways Annual Report.

2022 was a full and productive year for Highways and Byways despite the ongoing challenges of the Covid19 pandemic, with continued growth in our partnership and small grants programs, and the return of face to face to face meetings and events. It was also a period of great change, which included the relocation of offices from Vermont to Box Hill in Victoria, and many long-term staff members handing over their roles to newcomers.

You can read more about the activities of Highways and Byways in our Annual Report by clicking here.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Gondwana Link, Western Australia. A cultural burn is underway near Nowanup. On the horizon is Koi Kyenunu-ruff (the Stirling Range). Picture: Jim Underwood. 


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