May 29, 2017 | News

Journeying with people

in hope, love and support…

that they may have life and have it to the full.

The mission of the John Wallis Foundation is to go into the highways and byways, seeking initiatives that develop the human and spiritual potential of people and communities on the margins.

We are inspired by a vision:

  • of reverence and respect for Earth as the home we share with all living beings;
  • of a community of peoples characterised by compassion, justice and love in equal measure to all;
  • which has a preferential option for people on the margins, people experiencing disadvantage, alienation and exclusion for whatever reason: geographically, economically, culturally, socially or spiritually.

The Foundation seeks to continue and develop the vision and spirit of the Missionary Sisters of Service from which it originated.

The Foundation seeks to realise this vision by supporting the formation of individuals or groups and providing opportunities which:

  • focus on the personal and spiritual formation of people and groups;
  • develop leadership and other skills which will benefit the wider community;
  • emphasise social justice, including eco-justice, healthy community relationships and structures, and the practice of a sustainable way of life;
  • Assist people, particularly young adults, to develop a sound grounding in their own faith tradition as a foundation for entering into dialogue and cooperation with people of goodwill of various faiths and cultures for the building up of healthy harmonious communities.

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