Nov 13, 2023 | Events, News

Toowoomba, Queensland

Rev Tim Costello AO was this year’s guest speaker at the Toowoomba Memorial Lecture. Led by the unstoppable Pat Quinn MSS, the Highways and Byways Toowoomba Branch organised this fantastic event, and Tim’s memorable insights can be revisited here.

Tim spoke passionately about the importance of choosing hope in the turmoil of our current times. He shared his personal experiences in the Middle East, where amidst the political turmoil he continued to find people willing to put people’s humanity ahead of their racial, religious and cultural differences.

Tim also shared his reflections on the outcome of the recent Referendum. He encouraged us to focus on the strengths of our communities, noting that 22 of Australia’s 25 largest charities are Christian faith based charities. This highlights the importance of sharing the stories of the work we do, and to this end we hope you will share the work of Highways and Byways with your family members, friends and broader community by sharing inviting them to sign up to our newsletter or sharing a link to our website.

Given the relatively small size of the Missionary Sisters of Service and now Highways and Byways, we make an incredible difference to the lives of those living remotely around Australia. Apart from wanting to support this work, we encourage you to share our work which inspires hope for us all in these bleak times.


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