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Some people reckon Warwick’s community is  nurtured through the activities in the local parks and playgrounds and others see it through the dedication of Australia Post posties, keeping locals connected to the wider world. But all the contributors to the Warwick Regional Art Gallery’s installation, Interconnection,created a picture of what keeps their small town together.

Warwick, in the Queensland Southern Downs, has survived years of devastating drought that crippled many farmers and surrounding communities. The Warwick Artist Group thought the gallery’s 30th anniversary was a chance to showcase how the community saw its strengths. They pulled in many groups and individuals who created pieces for the installation, which was shown late last year.

The very design of the Interconnection installation highlights the strength of the Warwick community. The local Men’s Shed built the 45 boxes that were used to house the various pieces.

Jill Birtwistle from the Warwick Artist Group said the installation was an opportunity for artists and non-artists to express how they saw the community. School children, potters and a group of painters with special needs were among those that contributed to the installation after working closely with Group artists. “We wanted to create a situation where anyone could collaborate and create and not be restricted in how they expressed community,” Jill said.

One contributor shared their inspiration:

My box is dedicated to the many volunteers who “make a difference” working together tirelessly in our district and community. They are the jewels in our community.

Jill said one of the unexpected outcomes of Interconnection has been a renewed interest in the activities of the Warwick Artist Group, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2022.




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