Oct 25, 2022 | Grant Stories, News

Highways and Byways – Healing the Land, Healing Ourselves, Together is pleased to release its final report on its 2021 Small Grants Program, showcasing the efforts and achievements of its funding recipients nation-wide.

Forty three (43) grants totaling $87,521 were provided for projects in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

These projects encompasses a broad spectrum of activity, including land and water rehabilitation and restoration initiatives; youth engagement and mentoring; community gardening; expos, workshops and events; and research, training and education. A particular theme running through this year’s projects was the recognition and protection of indigenous knowledge and wisdom, especially in relation to land management and cultural burning.

2021 was a particularly challenging year for many of our grant recipients given the continued impacts of drought in many parts of the country, and the devastating impacts of bushfire and flood in others. The COVID19 health pandemic was also in its second year requiring many project managers to adapt, redesign or even delay their projects. Some projects were adapted in response to stay at home directives, others were redesigned. Some were simply delayed. Three projects couldn’t even occur at all. Despite these challenges, over 60 communities were directly impacted by small grants projects, and over 2,750 new plantings of native trees and other flora are now in various stages of growth.

Highways and Byways congratulates project managers and participants for their willingness to persevere, and for their innovation in the face of such adversity and uncertainty.

Read more about these outstanding small grants projects here.

IMAGE: C/- Nari Nari Tribal Council, Glenhope Tree Planting initiative

Highways and Byways extends it thanks to its donors and contributors for making this program possible.




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