Aug 26, 2021 | Grant Stories, News

Highways and Byways – a Community of Service is pleased to release its final report on its 2020 Small Grants Program – Nourishing our Land and Our Communities – showcasing the efforts and achievements of its funding recipients nation-wide.

Seventeen grants totaling $24,058 were awarded to projects in rural and regional communities in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

These projects reflected a broad spectrum of activity: skills and networking opportunities for community leaders, gardening programs for vulnerable people, a food program, a new Men’s Shed, programs that encouraged socialisation and creative pursuits, and even environmental restoration and land rehabilitation initiatives.

The program highlighted the resilience of rural and regional communities in the face of adversity. And 2020 had plenty of challenges: persistent drought and savage bushfires affected large parts of the nation, and a global health pandemic saw local communities locked down by authorities to contain the spread of Covid19.

Not to be deterred, grant recipients took these challenges in their stride. Some projects were adapted in response to stay at home directives, others were redesigned. Some were simply delayed.

Highways and Byways congratulates its 2020 grant recipients for their flexibility, commitment and perseverance. They reflect the very best of rural, regional and remote communities, especially the dedication of volunteers and the foresight and vision of local organisations who are committed to enhancing the lives of those who call rural and regional Australia home.

Read more about the 17 outstanding projects here.

Highways and Byways extends it thanks to its donors and contributors for making this program possible.


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