Aug 9, 2023 | News, Newsletters

We are pleased to release the August 2023 edition of the Highways and Byways eNewsletter.

In this edition, we announce the recipients of our 2023 small grants, and share news from some of the beneficiaries of last year’s program. We also provide an update on the progress of our major partnership programs: including news (and a video) from our Seeds of Connection program in Queensland and the Restoring Nature and Communities and Free2B Girls programs in Tasmania.

We have a lot planned for the coming months and include details of the Yarck to Yea Walk/Ride/Run in Victoria, the John Wallis Memorial Lecture in Tasmania, and the Toowoomba Lecture in Queensland.

As Highways and Byways is the mission entity for the Missionary Sisters of Service, we also share some news highlights from this inspiring community of women. This includes celebrations for the 79th anniversary of MSS formation, and the MSS commitment to support Constitutional change to create an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. We also acknowledge the humble service of Pat Kelly MSS, share the sad news of the passing of Beryl Gleeson MSS, and provide a reflection by Corrie van den Bosch MSS.

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IMAGE: David McCarthy at the Healing and Belonging through Culture camp for Indigenous youth at Mt Moffat in June 2023.


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