Oct 30, 2023 | News

Highways and Byways, in the spirit of the Missionary Sisters of Service, acknowledges that following the referendum result, we are led wisely by the Indigenous Elders who asked for a week to be in silence. We acknowledge their grief.

To our Indigenous sisters and brothers:

We thank you for your invitation to listen to your voices, and to do so with open hearts and minds.

We acknowledge that our work and our homes are on the sacred land of the many cultural groups of the First Nations people of Australia.

We hope to continue to learn from your truth telling, towards a future where we may better understand our connection to this sacred land we live on, and let that reverberate through our presence, our words and our actions.

Highways and Byways is grateful for what we have learnt so far from you, particularly through the relationships forged between the Missionary Sisters of Service and many Indigenous communities across Australia, and as continued through our Small Grants Programs and our work with Mithaka woman Megan Brown in developing the Seeds of Connection program in Roma, South East Queensland.

We feel truly blessed to walk beside you and trust we will grow stronger as we continue to walk together toward healing, reconciliation and unity.

Jane Collopy
Executive Officer


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