May 8, 2017 | News

This was the title of Frank Brennan sj’s  John Wallis Memorial Lecture in Toowoomba on Sunday 7th May 2017.

In his usual clear and concise way, Father Frank looked at what is happening in our world and where current events and trends have brought us politically, spiritually, socially and religiously.  Never content with simply naming issues, he also looked at the challenges these issues present for us, as well as for our leaders in Government and Church.

A former Toowoomba boy and educated at Downlands College, today Frank Brennan is CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia.   A lifetime of dedicated work for social justice has well-equipped Frank for his current role.   His lecture gives evidence of the breadth of his understanding of the issues he raises and their context.   While there is much in our world that is of great concern, he speaks with hope and confidence that new life and meaning can grow out of the chaotic/changing times in which we live.  Click on the link the listen to the Frank Brennan lecture.

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